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Web Design

Final Web Design

For my final web design project I combined all the skills I learned throughout the semester---including HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, and JavaScript---to make one cohesive site. I took elements from the sites I had previously made and combined them in a consistent navigation bar to allow the viewer to easily access my home page, projects, resume, and blog. I also made the site responsive to the size of the screen so that photos and even the page background color adjusts to the mobile screen experience. I used both Bootstrap and JavaScript links as well as linking the same CSS stylesheet to the HTML file of each of my site's pages to maintain a consistent theme. With this consistency my goal was to organize my brand so that it is recognizable whichever page on my site the viewer is on. Migrate through the navigation bar at the top of the screen to view the rest of the site.


In this project I made a music player using both JQuery and Bootstrap properties. I used the jquery element of "onclick" to allow the website viewer to click on the album cover to play a clip of the song which I downloaded from the iTunes media library. I added the "onclick" element along with the link to the song file to each image of the album, which caused the song to play upon the click. I added this jukebox link to my blog site because the gospel music I added to it aligns with my religious content theme. The most challenging part of this assignment was figuring out what exact jquery code to put in order to get the song clips to play. Once getting past that hurtle, customizing the jukebox was simple. Here is a link to the jukebox, take a look:


Wordpress Blog

One of my most prized projects is my blog. I created the blog on the Wordpress format and even managed to hack the site to change the font color of the particular theme that I chose through manipulating the CSS. I did not change much through hacking the code, but I did change the pictures on the slide of the home page to fit the theme of the name of the blog which is "Let Me Tell You a Secret". I also included a logo that I designed for the blog as a part of the slides as well. The blog is about expressing my religious journey and includes personal narratives, anecdotes, and even a list of Christian-based songs and books I enjoy. To visit the blog click on the "Blog" tab in the navigaton bar.

Interactive Resume

In this project I made an interactive resume with Bootstrap properties. With Bootstrap I was able to categorize my skills, relevant experience, honors and awards, and create a page linking to my New Media classmates' webpages. I used glyphicons to add visible icons next to the headings of my sections to enhance the visual element of my resume. I organized my information in containers to make them more easily readable and to allow the viewer to be able to focus on reading about each individual skill, award, or experience.

Graphic Design

Creative Resume

This is an image of a creative resume that I designed in Adobe Illustrator. I drew the mountains with the brush tool and designed the bird using a combination of the curvature tool, the pen tool polygon tool, the the brush tool, and the elipse tool.

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Creative Resume by Amber Haywood on Scribd

Creative Business Card

This is an image of a business card I designed that went with the theme of my creative resume. I also included a logo of my initials to go on the back of the card. I used the same objects (the bird ans rhw logo) from my creative resume illustrator file to put on my business cards.

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Creative Biz Cards Version 2 by Amber Haywood on Scribd

Pizza Logo

This is an image of the first tutorial I did in Adobe Illustrator of a logo for a restaurant called Side Slice. I used the rectangle tool, the eclipse tool, the mesh tool, and the curvature tool.

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Pizza Logo

Let me Tell You A Secret Logo

This is a logo I designed for my blog"Let Me Tell You a Secret" which is about me discovering the secret of Christ, the peace He can bring, as well as words of encouragement and some of my favorite songs. The logo was create din Adobe Illustrator the line segment tool, polygon tool, pen tool, and paintbrush tool.

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LMTYASLogo2 by Amber Haywood on Scribd

Let Me Tell You a Secre Logo